CES 2013 – all the hottest devices from day one – Lenovo’s uber tablet, two huge phones, new Canon camera and more

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So CES 2013 is finally under way. Well it actually kicks off in earnest tonight (UK time) with a lot of the big guys (Sony, Samsung etc al) unveiling their key new 2013 products.

A few companies, including some biggies, have already broken ranks and tipped us off about their latest gizmos. Here then are the best 12 products we have seen so far, and they include some huge smartphones, an outrageous tablet that can moonlight as a coffee table, some clever new cameras and more.

ZTE pic from Unwired View

Griffin Powerdock - charge five Apple devices atb the same time

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If you have a house full of iPads, iPhones and iPods then 1, lucky you, 2, you might want this. The PowerDock 5 charges five Apple devices at the same time. The design cleverly allows all five to sit firmly slot in at once. Coming soon for around $99.