The Premiership’s 15 best African players of all time – Drogba, Radebe, Mido (!?) and more

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So here we go again. The African Cup Of Nations kicks off this week to the delight of football fans everywhere and the chagrin of a small group of managers who lose key players for a few weeks.

Later this week we’ll asses which clubs are going to suffer the most during the month, but for now it is time to look back and salute some of the great Africans who played in the Premiership.

I have chosen 15 players who in one way or another all made their presence felt in the English league. Some, like Mido, only really shone for one season, others, like Lucas Radebe and Lauren had a huge impact over an extended period of time.

Anyhow here then are the 15. Tell us in the comments who we missed. And roll on South Africa v Cape Verde Islands.

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Didier Drogba

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Ok, you can make a case for Radebe, Yeboah and a Toure or two, but arguably the most influential African import to the Premiership has been Chelsea's talismanic Ivorian Didier Drogba. In his time at the club he became synonymous with their success and three Premiership titles, four FA Cups and did we mention a Champions League winners medal too. He has been African footballer of the year twice and is by some distance The Ivory Coast's top scorer. The one obvious medal that has eluded him is an African Cup Of Nations winners media, something that he hopes to rectify in the next few weeks. In spite of some serious competition in November 2012 Drogba was named Chelsea's greatest ever player in a poll of 20,000 fans conducted by Chelsea Magazine.