The Premiership’s 15 best African players of all time – Drogba, Radebe, Mido (!?) and more

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So here we go again. The African Cup Of Nations kicks off this week to the delight of football fans everywhere and the chagrin of a small group of managers who lose key players for a few weeks.

Later this week we’ll asses which clubs are going to suffer the most during the month, but for now it is time to look back and salute some of the great Africans who played in the Premiership.

I have chosen 15 players who in one way or another all made their presence felt in the English league. Some, like Mido, only really shone for one season, others, like Lucas Radebe and Lauren had a huge impact over an extended period of time.

Anyhow here then are the 15. Tell us in the comments who we missed. And roll on South Africa v Cape Verde Islands.

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In spite of their success in international football - including winning the African Cup of Nations three times in the last ten years - there have only been six Egyptian players who have graced the Premiership. And to be fair the only one of any note is Ahmed Hossam Hussein Abdelhamid - known to you and I as Mido. In fact he makes this list mainly because of one season on loan at Spurs where he scored 13 times in 36 appearances. Things didn't work out so well when he properly signed for the club a year or so later and in 2007 he was snapped up by Middlesbrough. Since then he has played for a number of clubs mainly on loan, without a great deal of success. These days he is on the books at Barnsley. Shame really because he is clearly a talented player who for one reason or another has never fulfilled his potential.