Arsenal update: BBC says Walcott to sign today, Zaha favours move to Man United

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Ok, so he still hasn’t actually ‘signed da ting’, but the BBC at least is confident that Theo Walcott is about to splash the ink on a new deal at Arsenal. It even suggests it could be done today.

They say

“Agreements have now been reached between Arsenal and their top scorer, who could put pen to paper on Friday if legal formalities can be completed.”

So there’s no source and no details, but the BBC don’t tend to run stories like this unless they are very confident in their facts.

Arsene Wenger said yesterday that he was 99% sure that Walcott would agree a new deal.

Slightly disappointing news for Gunners fan comes from which claims that Arsenal target Wilfried Zaha is on the verge of becoming a Man United player. Apparently The Reds have bid £6 million for the winger.

They say.

United made the first formal move on Thursday for the forward, who has privately told the Premier League leaders that he favours a move to Old Trafford ahead of the Gunners.

Palace have rejected United’s cash offer as they hold out for a higher fee and will wait to see if Arsenal will also make a bid.

It will be interesting to see if Wenger now makes his move.

By Ashley | January 18th, 2013

  • TT

    Wenger wont make a move.. He has alooooooot of pride and fears competing with rivals. He is naturally a coward. If it happens, then, will hold him high though suprised. Lastly, Wenger wants to show thw board tht he can save for the club with his stingy atitude. cheas ass-wenger

  • Billyyboyy123

    come on man , fair enough wenger aint got us a trophy for 8 years or so but were in champions league for the last 16 years ?, if the players dont put their full to every game how can it be his fault ? , in fairness he Does need to Spend Some Dollar ££ .. But he is a good manager do you know how many clubs that would have bidding wars over him to get him at their clubs if he left arsenal !. In Wenger I Trust. Gunner 4 Life .

  • Samuel06

    Any one dat say in wenger they trust I believe them 2 b a true fan and a loyal surpoter of d club this days many fans find it so convenient to slag off their manager if wenger should go 2day give me d name of his successor trust me it will take some good minutes to think of anyone if wenger manage Barcelona 2day they will be winning everything football as a whole is got to offer so to all those plastic fan you mind what you wish for…..