Is Apple now gunning for your (ahem) trainers? iSneakers anyone?

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Kudos to Apple Insider for unearthing a really interesting patent recently filed by Apple. We all know that the company is keen on wearable tech and we have made predictions before about the possibility of an iWatch. The patent though refers to a mart shoes system that would be embedded in the heel of a foot that would include sensors that would relay information to another device – possibly an iPhone.

It could undertake a number of roles too. On one level it could tell you when your heel was damaged or being worn out which is highly useful information for athletes.  Alternatively it could be marketed as a high-tech consumer product aimed at runners.

Tech Digest writes

Sensors could include motion trackers, pedometers and weight-sensitive pressure sensors, letting wearers track how far they’ve walked, how fast they run, how much they weigh and when they should next consider buying a new pair of smart shoes as the current pair begins to wear out.

Most intriguingly there’s also the suggestion that the kinetic energy created whilst walking could be converted into power for the smart shoes, possibly removing the need to ever charge the shoes’ electronic components.

There is a potentially massive market for apps that track fitness related data. Already we have seen the huge success of next generation intelligent pedometers like the Jawbone Up, Nike Fuelband and Fitbit Flex. These smart trainers could take fitness data collection to another level.