Spanish paper claims Arsenal are negotiating for £17.6 million German defender Mats Hummels

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Spanish football site Fichajes has been stirring things up a bit by suggesting that Arsenal are already in negotiations with Borussia Dortmund for the transfer of the club’s highly rated defender Mats Hummels.

The German has been watched by a number of Premiership clubs, but if Fichajes is right it puts the North London side in pole position to sign the player.

Hummels is a 24 year old who has been a regular fixture in Dortmund’s Bundesliga games this season. He has already played 23 times for the national side and is a graduate of Bayern Munich’s youth academy who was snapped up Dortmund in 2009.

As well as being a very solid central defender Hummels does like to get forward to instigate attacks and has scored 13 times in his tenure at Dortmund. Crucially he is very quick, which might make him an ideal partner for the slightly less mobile Per Mertesacker.

I just wonder if Wenger is considering using him as a defensively minded midfielder, a position he has the attributes to play.

He is likely to be expensive though with the asking price being around £17 million – a huge amount to pay for defensively minded player in the winter window even one this talented.

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By Ashley | January 24th, 2013

  • anthony

    Wonder if there is any truth to this story  beacuse Arsenal needs three player now a defender is one a midfield defensive player and a real striker someone who can give us twenty to twentyfive goals per season he also needs to get rid of the dead weight at the club total cleaning out and start a fresh in my mind this season is already over lets start to  organise for the next season.

  • Dino_raci

    i wish this is true.he is a great defender,maybe top 5 in the world

  • Don’t be silly ppl. Hummels can only be signed by Real Madrid, Barca or Man City for a ridicilous sum. Trust me, if he was available, the above 3 teams would’ve signed him already

  • Sadikdeboy

    He will be used as defensive midfielder by wenger…..