Arsene Wenger Arsenal press conference update. Villa; ‘not on the case.’ No new players a possibility?

Ashley Football 3 Comments

There might just be a week to go in the transfer window but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem in too much of a hurry to buy new players.

Describing signing new players in the winter window as ‘a gamble’ at his press conference Wenger went on to say that he also thinks that the number of deals in the window should be limited.

But the saddest news for Arsenal fans is his dismissal of any activity to sign Barcelona’s David Vila. Wenger said ‘we are not on the case.’

With the future of Mohamed Diame in some doubt and Spurs apparently keen on the player now, there remains a very real possibility that Arsenal will not sign a single player in the window in spite of letting several players go on loan and their mixed league form.

So Gunners fans what do you think? Has Arsene Wenger got his transfer strategy all wrong? Or does he still know?