Spurs update: Official offer made for striker Leandro Damiao

Ashley Football 12 Comments

Along with the Beckham to PSG saga the biggest story of the window day could involve Spurs and their pursuit of Leandro Damiao.

Spurs have been chasing the 23 year old Brazilian for some time now and it appears that they might just be about to land their man.

According to The Metro the club are alleged to have offered Damiao’s current team Internacional a cool £20 million for the player.

Other sources including The Mail say that the figure is closer £18 million.

Spurs were clearly encouraged by Internacional’s sporting director Luis Cesar Souto de Moura who told Brazilain newspaper Correio do Povo yesterday.

“Leandro Damiao will only leave if there is a very quick negotiation, but no official offer has been made. The news involving interest for Leandro Damiao, especially from Tottenham, will always happen – they come and go.”

“Damiao has a lot of quality, is a goal scorer, was the top scorer in the Olympics and he is a very important player. Internacional understand that it’s extremely difficult, very difficult, for Leandro Damiao to leave now.”

Well now it appears that Spurs have lodged their bid.

So Spurs fans. Is this the signing that could bring Champions League football back to The Lane?

By Ashley | January 31st, 2013


  • Stephen

    Just make this happen MrLevy….we need cl football!!!!COYS

  • anthony fortune

    thats what spurs need.a prolific striker.yes yes yes.

  • james nayler

    you have to do it its LEVY TIME

  • james nayler


  • Dazza

    Getting boring now. Linked with this quality player for 3 YEARS!! why not buy him on Jan 1st and he surely would have put Norwich to bed last night. Those 2 points dropped could cost us CL football regardless of whether this mythical deal occurs or not. Sorry for the downer peeps but very F’ing annoyed at this saga. Anyone watch Ade last night? Shockin and embarassing…useless. If we would have sold Bentley, Jenas, Gomez, and huddlestone then Maybe we could have reduced our wage packet and signed a QUALITY striker and Attacking Mid long before now. Please don’t ruin us Mr Levy. COYS!!!!

  • Justin4672 Ulster Spur

    I agree but, I doubt there is any chance this will happen. Damiao is owned by half if brazil. Each with their own interest. It should’ve been done in the summer. I really wish we could get him so I honestly hope I am wrong.
    Another issue is the obvious intransigence of DL when negotiating over players. He is a man who doesn’t appear to back down much from his original position, which is why we have missed out on other players. It’s also why we’re stuck with players we should have been rid of ages ago. DL wouldn’t let them go for less than he valued them. Funnily enough, I believe he has kept paying their wages, thereby costing us money in the end. I may be wrong there also.

  • Justin4672 Ulster Spur

    A very good point regarding when players should be bought. This nonsense of waiting until the final minute of a transfer window is a joke. Teams should have a list of targets and do them ASAP.

  • it won’t happen unless Levy pays well over the odds for him, and he won’t, which means  our top four efforts will go nowehere, our regular lot are knackered and the likes of Gylfi, Caulker, Huddlestone have not had enough game time to gel well with the rest. Drawing against West Brom, Wigan , Norwich etc don’t deserve top four IMO. Imagine what Moyes would be capable of with a budget! COYS

  • Charles Dagnin

    Not only C.L football but i do think Spurs will win the P.L.next year.Spurs are very,very close to being GREAT,Leando would be the final touch.

  • Charles Dagnin

     Dazza you are so right,Adebayor has had the miss of the tournament.Goalkeeper fumbled,ADE pounced and then missed a open goad from 3 meters out.Of late Defoe has no idea where the net is and Bentley,Jenas,Gomez,etc.,etc just collect weekly wages.Leandro would be the final touch to a great team that i believe could go on and win the P.L next season,just ask Sandro.I hope i am wrong but i just have a feeling without this fellow we will stay where we are and no C.L. football.After watching Arsenal and Liverpool last night we are going to need a great striker.Cheers from Cape Town.

  • Sam

    Levy is at it again. He makes you think he is going after a multi million player on last hour to us fans feel good. Let us remember the last min 35M bid for Aguero, the audacious last min for Moutinho n now Damaio? It is all Scam n tricks by Levy. He knows the club can’t afford these kind of players. We will struggle to keep Bale next season. Get real guys this Jewish prick plays mind games with you all!,,