Man City fans – Is Tevez Better than Dzeko as Aguero’s Partner?

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Edin Dzeko may have opened the scoring against Liverpool last weekend, but his all-round game was disappointing, and it’s still difficult to find evidence of a promising partnership between he and Sergio Aguero.

City were lucky to snatch a point against Brendan Rodgers’ side, and it was frustrating to see Carlos Tevez left on the bench throughout. Another feature of City’s game was their lack of pressing high up: Dzeko sitting down and feigning injury as Liverpool made it 1-1 was a fine example of that. On the other hand, Tevez brings boundless energy.

Tevez also boasts a fine partnership with Aguero, where the roles are more obviously defined. Tevez drifts around in the hole, while Aguero plays upfront and sprints in behind the opposition defence. His acceleration will be crucial against a Southampton side that are pressing heavily and using a high defensive line under Mauricio Pochettino, despite the lack of pace from their central defenders.

Tevez’s commitment to closing down is another key feature. City can’t afford to play another game where the opposition are simply more energetic in the opposition half and force defensive mistakes more readily.

For all Dzeko’s quality, he still seems better suited as a substitute. His height and ability with his back to goals makes him the perfect Plan B, when the opposition no longer press, and are sitting deep to guard against pace in behind, Dzeko provides a different option. All three forwards will have more opportunities following Mario Balotelli’s departure, but Aguero and Tevez together makes sense this weekend.

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