Bye Bye Andre Santos. The worst player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt?

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Piers Morgan certainly thinks so and tweeted this last week.

No matter though for it seems that Arsenal’s likable but error-strewn Brazilian is on his way out of The Emirates. The Metro, among others, are reporting that Santos has been seen getting off the plane in Brazil on his way to new club Gremio.

Also The Gunners’ German striker Lukas Robert Podolski has possibly let the cat out of the bag by tweeting.

[email protected] We will miss you man, I wish u all the very best £Gunner God bless you.’

So is Piers really right? Is Santos the worst player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt?

Well he has some serious competition and that’s even if we don’t include players who only made one or two appearances.

To be fair he probably isn’t even the weakest link in the current Arsenal squad. That accolade goes to Sebastian Squillaci whose performances for the Gunners went rapidly downhill after his first season at the club.

Or don’t forget that The Gunners still have Park Chu-Young on the books, a player that Wenger trusted so little that he only played him four times.

Not that long ago the Arsenal fans were seriously on the back of Emmanuel Eboué, especially after the end of the 2011 season. There were few tears shed when he was sold to Galatasaray.

We shouldn’t also forget the twin towers of Pascale Cygan and Igor Stepanovs, both of whose names bring a very real shudder to Arsenal fans of a certain vintage.

Further back we need to add Francis Jeffers, the fox in the box who never was. He cost the club £8 million and yet only managed to find the net four times in his three year stint.

And then once you hit the 80s there’s a huge selection of Arsenal should have beens to choose from. The much maligned (though he really wasn’t that bad) Gus Caesar is the tip of a very large iceberg.

So Arsenal fans who else would you put in this category? Bischoff? Carter? McGoldrick. Let us know in the comments.

Here, to kick things off, is my worst ever Arsenal team.

Keeper – Rami Shaaban – though you can make a good case for Richard Wright who was both expensive and disappointing.

Defenders – Mikael Silvestre, Sebastain Squillaci, Pascal Cygan, Andre Santos – I know, maybe we could bring Igor on at half time?

Midfielders – Eddie McGoldrick, Denilson – Is there a case for John Jensen? Maybe

Wingers – Glenn Helder, Jimmy Carter –  Personally I liked Carter, but he didn’t achieve a great deal at Arsenal. Helder had about two good games for the club

Strikers – Francis Jeffers, Park Chu-Young – Also there’s Davor Suker? Kaba Diawara? Christopher Wreh?

Even Tottenham would beat that lot.

By Ashley | February 10th, 2013

  • Mega

    Who is robert podolski you fool?

  • gooner98

    It’s as if Gus Caeser never existed

  • 27

    I can’t believe anyone would pay attention to any of the the crap that Morgan comes out with

  • Davi

    What a joke. Santos isn’t even close to the worst player. He’s actually had some very good games but, I suppose like Arshavin, he’s lost his way a bit recently. Even then, he hasn’t been THAT bad. No worse than Cygan or Silvestre, and neither of them were close to being our worst ever player – we actually won stuff with Cygan!
    Why even mention players like Park? He barely even played and looked pretty good at times. Likewise Bischoff – who was clearly one of the best RESERVE players, and looked good in the only (brief) first team appearance I can remember him making.
    To even mention Davor Suker is insulting.

  • eddysimmo

    two  words – Eddie McGoldrick

  • Julian Urs

    Caeser and gilberto silva are the worst players

  • Frf

    Robert Podolski? and by the way it was closer to a month than a week get your facts right.

  • Brandish

     Fair cop, been a long afternoon 🙂

  • Brandish

     I think he was a better player than people remember. I don’t think Nick Hornby did him any favours. His downfall and subsequent lack of confidence mirrors a certain Moroccan striker…

  • Brandish

     Cygan was an invincible – but overall was one of Wenger’s worst buys IMO

  • Brandish

     For me he summed up the lack of ambition of the later Graham era

  • JJ

    McGoldrick was rubbish.  
    As was Kiwomya.
    At their worst, Djourou Eboue & Denilson were so painfully bad they made Santos look like Roberto Carlos.
    And Hillier’s last 2 years at the club were shocking.

    And Julian Urs – mentioning Gilberto Silva who was and is our greatest ever DM makes you the biggest donkey than any player we mention, you utter plank!

  • Afc

    Gilberto Silva?!?!?!?!

    You’re having a laugh…right?

  • Julian Is A Moron

    Gilberto Silva?  You are a Twat Julian!!!!

  • Fjfjfjf

    Utter toss from the clown Morgan who proudly boasts of having multiple season tickets presumably to accommodate his hubris yet doesn’t even turn up to watch the matches. His views on Arsenal are only worth reading if you subscribe to the notion that it’s okay to spend the oil wealth/stolen roubles/tax dodging proceeds (spuds owner exile).

  • Thenry

    what a shitty article hes a long way away from being the worst arsenal player
    this is the worst Arsenal blog ever.

  • piers morgan a retard

    Clearly not the worst player to put on the shirt. Piers is a prime example of what’s wrong with twitter, complete tools get to spout nonsense and hyperbole.
    Repeating them makes it look like you support his views.

  • piers morgan a retard

    Your comment about Cygan isn’t valid either because your article is about the worst players to wear the Arsenal shirt, not who has been Wenger’s worst signing.

  • Andytyas

    Surely Gus Caesar was the worst player ever to don an Arsenal shirt!!

  • FrankieBoy

    er…no.  Ceasar was RUBBISH!  just for the way he tripped up over his own feet to cost us the League cup v Luton in the Final is enough for me.  but in truth, he was rubbish in every game he played.  He made Willie Young look like Beckenbauer!

  • gooner98

    No I watched him many times, I remember how bad he was!

  • Kevin Ward

    why anyone would listen to Piers is beyond me……I think you will find he is the worst the person in the world to don an arsenal shirt….