Our survey says Arsenal are the most popular team among Britain’s biggest rock stars

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Top tip. If you are starting a band now try choosing a name that begins with the letter B. Think about it. From The Beatles to Blondie via The Bee Gees, Blur and Beach Boys, so many of the greatest bands ever starts with that letter.

You might also consider investing in a season ticket at The Emirates too. For it appears that among Britain’s rock royalty at least, the Gunners have the most celebrity fans.

In a not very scientific survey I took 12 key British bands and noted the footballing preferences of their key members.

Some, like Oasis and Pink Floyd are well documented. For others I had to dig deep into the dark recesses of web chats, local news stories and more. If you have any hearsay, gossip or best of all evidence about the footballing affiliations of the people featured in the pages that follow please add them to the comments.

Anyhow, Arsenal just about shaded it as the most supported team. What is odd though is that Man United have so few big rock stars among their fans. Thom Yorke is rumoured to be a fan as is The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft and a Stone Roses member or two, but that’s pretty slim pickings for one of the most popular clubs in the world. * UPDATE The Happy Mondays too.

Anyhow here is the list. And before you ask yes I know Coldplay and Mumford and Sons should probably be on this list. For the record Marcus Mumford supports AFC Wimbledon and Chris Martin possibly supports Exeter City.

The Smiths - Man City

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Johnny Marr was a talented footballer as a child and is a long time Man City fan. It is passion he shares with drummer Mick Joyce though not Andy Rourke. The bassist told ESPN "City were a laughing stock when we grew up. Their fans were kind of viewed as geeks. We honestly could not understand how they could support City because the team were so bad. They had to endure years of ridicule. We almost pitied them." So then that leaves Morrissey. Mozza certainly enjoys football and there is a picture of a young Stephen Patrick outside of Old Trafford. There's more evidence too in the songs Roy's Keane from the late 90s. But then there's the fact that he has been wearing West Ham tops. Writing in The Guardian in 2008 Russell Brand summed Moz's footy dilemma. "I had him cornered but not isolated; also present were the former QPR striker, now with MK Dons, Kevin Gallen and a bloke called Liam, who I think was a Millwall fan. I cagily asked Morrissey why he had taken to wearing the claret and blue, fingers crossed in pockets that the response would come "Because of you, darling boy" but before Morrissey spoke Kevin said, "You're a QPR fan ain't ya?" and Liam said, "I thought you liked Millwall?" He didn't reply.