Style: Jefferson Farah Vintage Retro Mod Breton

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Farah Vintage has just unveiled a very striking new range of Mod type Breton style jumpers. There’s a traditional blue and white (which is nicely in keeping with the vogue for all maritime things) version here, but I prefer this navy and red number.

It is Beatnik style features a cool Sixties Mod Breton stripe detail in chilli red throughout and has a Ribbed hem, cuffs and collar and Farah Vintage embroidery to the chest.

Breton jumpers were a staple of the beatniks in the early 60s as they attempted to ape cool French new wave stars (and American ones like Jean Seberg). Breton is derived from the region of Brittany in France and the Brittany flag in fact also consists of monochrome stripe detail, much like the jumper

It is made from 60% Cotton, 30% Polyamide and 10% Wool and is yours here for £54.99.