Arsenal update: Henry wants to come back, Fabregas not so sure

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Arsenal’s talismanic French man is apparently keen on a third stint at the club. At a press conference this week he reiterated his desire to be involved with Arsenal in any role

Henry said

‘All I know is that I will be involved in the game for sure and hopefully be involved with Arsenal because that is the heart talking there, that’s the team that I support. Forget about me as a player, that’s the team I support.

‘In any type or shape, if I can go back to the club I would love to do it, but it’s not up to me. That would be a desire, more a desire than something that can be officialised, I still have two years playing here and then I will see.

‘But I would definitely love to be back with Arsenal.

Henry was also dismissive of Arsenal fans who have been critical of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger this season.

‘For me, it is difficult to hear, difficult to see, but for me the boss will always be Arsene – always great for me and I know what he has done for the club,” he said.

From this point it is hard to see exactly where in the Emirates management structure he would fit. But many Arsenal fans would love the idea of their favourite son returning possinbly as a manager in waiting under Arsene Wenger’s tutelage.

One player who won’t be returning any time soon is Barcelona’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard has been to several of Arsenal’s home games this season and watches each game on television. There were rumours that he might even be considering a loan move back to his old club.

Wenger also said last year

“I’m not convinced Fabregas won’t come back here one day. He’s an Arsenal man. He loves Arsenal. He watches every Arsenal game. Barcelona was his home town where he grew up and you have to accept this, especially as Barcelona are the best team in the world.

“He won’t return in the next two or three years but, after that, maybe.”

However Fabregas has underlined his desire to stay at Barcelona.

He told Spanish paper El Mundo Deportivo:

“I went back to Barcelona to stay forever, if possible. I fight with all my might to stay here as long as possible. I’ve already lived experiences abroad and I have done well.”

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