Did Everton and Arsenal pay the price for their FA Cup cynicism?

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Perhaps I am an old fuddy duddy, but it made me want to feel very queasy listening to David Moyes and Arsene Wenger talk in their pre FA Cup weekend press conferences. I am not a fan of either clubs, but if it was my manager I would feel the same. How dare a manager of a club, especially the size of Arsenal and Everton, tell fans that their priority is not winning a trophy but finishing in the top 4, so the money comes rolling in…. So much for the fans giving their loyalty and support day after day and their hard earned cash week in week out – you’d think a day out at Wembley and a chance of a trophy would be a priority as a chance to say thanks. Alas no, the modern day club is all too caught up in reaching for the pot of gold in the vein hope it will happen.

So, no real problem with Wenger and Moyes being honest – that’s one thing, but in one day they have knocked further nails into the coffin of the FA Cup. Surely someone somewhere can get in amongst the Premier League managers and tell them a decent bit of PR will cost them nothing… not only that, what sort of message does it send out to fans? Football is about winning – winning honours, and as yet I have not seen any club have an honours roll that includes finishing 4th in the Premiership – perhaps someone will soon.

Perhaps it is all just a sign of what is wrong with the game we love – I say game, it ceased to be that some time ago. A Carling Cup and FA cup final appearance was never enough for the Fenway boys at Liverpool – they wanted top 4, so Kenny Dalglish was sacked and in came Brendan Rodgers to finish probably lower than last season.

Laughably Spurs did finish 4th but that was not enough for Daniel Levy, who wanted a longer term vision or whatever – anyway, Harry was dispensed with and in came AVB. It is just all so wrong. Whatever your club, ask yourself what memories come to the fore as a fan… it is winning, trophies, the captain holds that cup aloft, silly jigs around the stadium and drunken players atop the bus next day….. Not the board of directors smiling to themselves dreaming of the riches of the Champions League….

This is why I believe that Wenger and Moyes should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute – for disrespecting fans, showing a distinct lack of understanding of what fans want… Arsenal fans ask yourselves – trip to see Bayern Munich, trip to Wembley to try and win a trophy. Everton fans – a qualifier in Vilnius or a trip to Wembley?? For Arsenal fans Wembley is a distant dream again anyhow.

Over to you!

By Ashley | February 17th, 2013

  • Phil

    Poor article. Everton put a top team out to try and beat Oldham. It didn’t work and Oldham thoroughly deserved a draw and a return to Goodison for some much needed cash.

    I’d call it the magic of the FA Cup. You can call it whatever you want mate! Moyes, the fans and the players all want the FA Cup at Goodison n May.

  • Paul

    Suggest you listen to Moyes again sunshine and write facts and not what YOU think you hear!!

  • A R Blackburn

    When did Moyes say that?
    Stop making things up you clown

  • Rob

    A perfect example of the internet giving lazy, egotistical people a platform. An article built on a fabrication.

  • Davidowens88

    Check the press conferences on Friday – he was asked whether he would trade a top 4 place fo success in the FA cup and said that top 4 would be better for the finances it could raise….

  • Davidowens88

    But Moyes DID say the top 4 was better for the club than the FA cup… sad eh !

  • Davidowens88

    Oh I listened… and he clearly says that the Top 4 would be better for Everton because of the money…. sad he had to admit it… I never actually heard him say ( and I saw the interview twice) i’d love to win the cup for the fans….

  • Davidowens88

    What fabrication Rob – check out the press conferences on Friday…. I saw David Moyes move his lips and words came out saying the top 4 was better than FA cup for Everton because of the cash it generates….