A sneak preview as to what the Apple iWatch might look like (and it looks stunning)

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Of course, at the moment no one knows what Apple’s iWatch will look like, or even if there will be one. However an iWatch does appear to be on the cards and according to the goss it will sport a revolutionary double curved touch screen.

So fair play to the fellas at Yanko Designs who have imagined what the iWatch might look like. And if it does look like this then put me down for one – pronto.

Just to recap the iWatch will, if it ever arrives, link wirelessly to your iPhone using Bluetooth and let you have updates from your social media accounts, emails, text messages etc. You might even be able to control it using Apple’s Siri voice interface. There is bound to be a few interesting new things too.

This pic then this is how Esben Oxholm of the Yanko thinks the Apple team would design the phone/watch.

He says

Heavily inspired by the look of the iPhone 5 and sporting a minimalistic, sleek look, the watch is crafted with black aluminum on the outside and a thin layer of soft matte rubber on the inside.

It has got the highly recognizable round home button as the only physical button. The rest of the fun happens on the newly developed slightly double curved touch screen. The iWatch can be fitted to your liking, by removing or adding spacers in the lower part of the bendy bracelet.

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