Apple’s iWatch – take a look at the gallery of prototypes

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I have already written loads about Apple ‘s iWatch, so if you want the most recent update go here and if you want the background and to take a peek at some of its rivals then check here.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed the iWatch already exists, well in the minds of some very clever designers and Photoshoppers.

Here then are the best iWatch designs we have seen so far. Some date from a few years ago while one is from as far back as 2005.


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Now this is ancient - dating from as far back as 2005 which is prior to the iPhone. Legion cleverly predicted the evolution of the iPod mini into a watch type device which lets you check your data (calendar, contacts etc) while enabling you to control your iPod wirelessly via Bluetooth. This kind of happened with the watch style cases for the iPod nano. Legion