Arsenal update – Wenger to stay, even if Arsenal don’t qualify for The Champions League

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So why did Arsene Wenger get so upset the other day when a journalist quizzed him about extending his contract? thinks it knows why. The website is running with a story today that suggests that the Frenchman is ‘at the very heart of the club’s short and medium-term plans.’

In spite of the manager’s unpopularity with a section of the Arsenal faithful Wenger is still the man for the board and Goal reckons that they will reward him with a contract extension. He will also get that sizeable war chest of cash to buy new players too.

And Goal reckons that is even of he Arsenal finish outside the top four.

There’s no clear source for the story – so what do you think?

Personally I think that the website probably has it bang on.

Wenger clearly wants to carry on managing Arsenal and feels that he has much to prove. His family is settled in north London and I just don’t think he fancies PSG or any of the other jobs that he has apparently been linked with as he feels he has work left at The Emirates.

If Arsenal qualify for the Champions League then Wenger will be in a very strong position again. Sure there will be pressure to massively strengthen squad and if that doesn’t happen Arsenal’s fans will be hugely disappointed, but within a few months, if things go well, Wenger would be again good position to secure a contract extension.

If Arsenal don’t qualify for the CL, the manager could fall on his sword. But I wonder if he would feel that this would be a new challenge. Maybe he would see the restructuring of the squad – with that huge war chest playing its role – and the biggest challenge of his career. If Arsenal spend big and do well in the Premiership, then even without CL football many of his critics might be silenced.

Incidentally it is worth noting that Wenger is 63, significantly younger than his opposite at Man United.