Arsenal’s top transfer targets – How Arsene Wenger should spend that £70 plus million

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Yesterday Arsenal issued its latest financial update – and guess what, the club is in pretty rude health. Profits might have dropped a little, but just look at that whopping £123 million reserve in the bank. And there’s also sponsorship money to be added, plus season ticket cash and maybe even Stan’s idle millions (dream on…).

So the money clearly is there and in the summer the rebuilding programme needs to begin in earnest.

The big question for Arsene Wenger is how much re-building is really necessary? Are we looking at a wholesale clear out of the Arsenal team, or just some minor pruning but with some big name additions?

The rather huge sized elephant in the room is whether Arsenal will qualify for The Champions League? Not qualifying will lose Arsenal possibly as much as £20 million – thought I have seen it quoted as much more.

The more worrying thing would be trying to attract players to a club that aren’t mixing it with Europe’s finest. However Liverpool and Spurs have signed some pretty impressive players in the knowledge that they will be busy on Thursday nights rather than Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, Arsene, here is my take as to how you should spend your cash. Of course I personally think it unlikely that you’ll spend more than £40 million (0ne striker, one midfielder and a keeper), but we can all dream…

My little spree would come in at £120 million with most of that cash going on Cavani and Di Maria and that is assuming we have CL football next year. If we don’t then it comes in at about half that figure. Maybe the latter is more realistic anyhow…

Btw I think we should cash in on Vermaelen as well as losing fringe players like Arshavin, Fabianski, Mannone, Bendtner, Chamakh and possibly Gervinho too – which could generate as much as £30-40.

So what do you think? Who should Arsenal sign?


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Arsene's noises about Nani and Wilfried Zaha in the winter transfer window now seem little more than just a ploy to over himself should Walcott not have signed a new contract. I am not sure that a winger is too much of a priority though provided Alex Oxlade Chamberlain starts to show some of the form that made him an essential purchase. If not then Wenger will need to think about cover for Walcott on the right wing. Nani might be an option but he would be expensive - remember he cost Man United £25 million - and his lack of consistency would worry me. Angel Di Maria would be a better option and it would prevent Man United from signing him. With Arshavin, and possibly by Gervinho, out the door there maybe chance for Serge Gnabry or Thomas Eisfeld to step up too. So £25 million for Angel Di Maria or nothing for the non CL squad.