Arsenal update: the £100,000 per week wage cap is history

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In the light of recent financial news it now appears that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board are ready to break the self-imposed £100k wage cap per week the club has for players.

The money is certainly there with the club working at a financial profit, yet also having reserves of over £120 million as well as incoming sponsorship money from The Emirates and other sources – which may total more than £100 million – some of which will be used to buy and fund players.

IB Times, among others, says

The Gunners’ Premier League rivals pay well upwards of £100,000 per week to several key players and, in the case of Ivorian Yaya Toure and Dutchman Robin van Persie (for Manchester City and Manchester United respectively) the bill crosses £200,000 per week.

Arsene Wenger has often been criticised for failing to use the significant financial funding available to him, either to sign big-name players or pay existing talent on par with other clubs.

In the past the club have lots out on many key players – Cahil, Mata and Hazard mentioning just the ones who went to Chelsea – because they either bid too low or didn’t offer high enough wages.

If the club doesn’t qualify for the Champions League as remains a real possibility then they will have to compensate players by offering seriously high wages in order to attract the best talent.

Wenger has spoken of his admiration for strikers like Edinson Cavani, Falcao and Stevan Jovetic but all three would almost certainly demand well north of £100k per week to join the club.