Arsenal will finish above Spurs like last year – so says Mikel Arteta

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In case you hadn’t noticed there is the small matter of the North London derby this weekend – a game with added piquancy seeing as the winner will not only have bragging rights but also the upper hand in the race for fourth place.

Spurs seem to be favourites at the moment given the form of Bale and their strong unbeaten run – however no one seems to have told Arsenal midfielder and vice captain Mikel Arteta

He has been talking about how he is sure that The Gunners will finish above their rivals

Arteta has been summing up the spirit of the team that finished ahead of Spurs last season. He told a press conference.

“What we’ve learned [from last season] is that you can never put your arms down because you never know what’s going to happen. You keep at it and they may lose points. That’s what happened last year.

“We kept at it, we had an unbelievable run and we ended up finishing third. We have to look at us first before looking at the rest, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

Arteta also spoke about the confidence the team has following their recent victory over Aston Villa.

“When things aren’t going in your direction, like the Blackburn game [where] you analyse the stats of the game, it’s absolutely amazing that we haven’t won the game. In the Bayern game, they had a spell of 25 minutes in the first half where they were much better. Apart from that, I don’t think the difference was that big.

“Saturday was very important for us. We couldn’t lose again at home. It’s four out of five [wins] now in the Premier League so we’re in a good run in this competition and it’s a massive game coming up on Sunday.

“I think we’re doing a lot of things right, but the things that we’re doing wrong are costing us too much in the games. [If] we are able to cut out those mistakes, I know we have the potential to win the games.”

So what do you think? Will Arsenal finish above Spurs this season?