Wenger stopped Bould’s defensive sessions – says BBC’s David Ornstein

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If you look at the number of goals that Arsenal have conceded this season, it hardly looks like a club in a defensive crisis. The Gunners have let in 32 goals, that’s just one more than Man United.

The figures are however slightly skewed by the Arsenal defence’s excellent start to the season. They played five games and let in just two goals and their opponents included Liverpool and Man City.

The BBC’s David Ornstein has a theory as to why this is. On Radio Five Live this evening he claimed that sources in the club had told him that the great start was in part due to Steve Bould running defensive training sessions with the team. Ornstein said that the Arsenal assistant manager worked with the players on positional play and marking and it had paid dividends for the side.

However after the early games Arsene Wenger chose to stop the Bould sessions and Arsenal went back to the more traditional training methods that Wenger has employed throughout his tenure as manager.

Ornstein’s insists that there is no rift between Bould and Wenger and that players are behind the manager.

However if this is true, and given the BBC’s high editorial standards I am sure they would not have let Ornstein say what he did were there not a lot of truth in it, it doesn’t reflect very well on the club.

Ornstein also suggested that lack of communication among its defenders and Arsenal’s failure to replace Alex Song have further compounded the side’s defensive frailties.

So what do you think? Does he have a point?

By Ashley | March 4th, 2013

  • Spanner

    Since when has the BBC had high editorial strandards??? Robbie Savage…. Gary Lineker…. Alan Shearer….

    Think they are as likely to make crap up as any tabloid hack.

  • Anything Wenger does now shows he is past it.
    Why buy Giroud, of course he got a lot of goals in France, who was he up against but the likes of Squillaci!

  • Oh. Yes, must get in there the BBC high standards, what with the gaudy MOTD studio, the charmless Linaker, the boring Shearer, the “oh, dear, do I have to bother” Hansen
    Every other tv panel does us the decency of collar and tie, before coming into our sitting room, not the BBC lot though, all sloppy and laid back, with nothing worthwhile to say except Hansen who thinks his knowledge is so great he can’t be bothered relating it all to these silly viewers.

  • Mad dog

    Of course he would stop the defensive sessions. We need to let in more goals! This piece is so stupid, as are the people that believe its true!

  • sao_paulo

    Sounds like the source might have the initials SR

  • Jay dean

    Far as I can see , I don’t think bould is doing a good job , why didn’t we have that much of defencive problem wen pat rice was there I knew in the beginning Steve bould wasn’t the right person to be appointed for the job . And bbc they would say some thing like that coz they just want arsenal to look bad in the public eye but just think wat maneger can take over from wenger just think about that specialy with the resource he has worked with its not the managers fault it’s the boards.. Out with stan kronk in with usmanov that’s wat I say ., stan kronk is such an idiot u can’t even get a comment out of him and he owns the club .

  • Bould Is The Problem!

    Utter fabricated Rubbish! Everything is geared to discredit Wenger. When the team started well it was all down to Bould. When they team started to fall, it was Wenger’s fault. Bottom line, Bould is as charismatic and motivational No.2 as a waxwork. He just sits in his seat the whole game, says nothing, doesnt celebrate goals, doesn’t contribute on any level. At least Pat Rice was off his seat barking at the team. Bould should be sacked, he is a waste of time in that position!

  • Pete

    @ Jay Dean – didn’t have a defensive problem with Rice was there? Arsenal let in the most goals last season in all competitions for over 30 years. Of course, it’s clear Wenger stopped Bould coaching, just like he stopped Keown coaching when Arsenal got all those clean sheets and got to the Champions League final. The man is a selfish freak and has become a disgrace to himself and the club with his selfish stubbornness.

  • Ian

    I totally agree. Do we as fans really need external validation of this. Wenger does not allow anyone to provide any technical instruction to his team, results confirm this. He is deluded and stuck in the past with his methods. He is the greatest thing and the worst thing to happen to the club. Arsenal needs to evolve with the rest of the football world but simply cannot with Wenger. Fans have become emotionally numb to this reality and I feel are simply waiting for him to leave to have something to believe in again.

  • MashedSpuds

    Well that comment is stupid when you think we bought the likes of Pires, Nasri, Petit, Anelka, etc., all directly from the French League – and other Frenchmen such as the likes of Vieira & Henry…
    The man you call past it finished only behind the two Manchester clubs last season that spent a billion pounds to be where they are. And since you’ve already quit on the club & the manager, go away & keep reading your tabloids that influence your every thought, and we’ll keep supporting the club, ‘cos some of us still believe we’ll finish above the likes of Spurs & Chelsea – just like we did last year. And when we do, do us all a favour and support another club next season and keep your dumb comments for them.
    PS – change your name to Senile Little Senior.

  • Wenger Expired

    Don’t forget Bould was picked by Wenger, strangely over Bergkamp

  • ARSENAL 1971

    Wengers insistance that the width to the sides attacking play comes from his full backs causes us more defending problems that enough. Unless the ball goes dead we are always open to a counter attack with exposed center backs The defenders are left with to much space between them which them unable to cover eachother. On some occasions it can be seen where by the right back over hits his cross and its the left back that is stopping the ball going into touch – that cannot be right.When an attack is started off the FB’s go to provide the requested width and if possession is lost in midfield we are very vulnerable. I cannot see Mr Wenger changing his approach i am affraid

  • arsenal1971

    sorry not SR but just very frustrated watching the same old same old mistakes every week

  • Limpar’s Wand

    He even had the temerity to tell 5 live listeners that what he had heard form his source was ‘the truth’. Despite not even his employers wanting to publish the ‘story’!

    I still think it his source is Stewart Robson lol. Bet it is

  • Manamongst

    He needs to get a more athletic playerr in the place of “Opta-stat whore Passer” Arteta…I vote for giving Coquelin a run at feeding jack, theo, and santi. Arteta has been awful…80% of his passes have been to back 4 players.

  • Doctore

    Of course its true,Wenger needs to leave,its just not working anymore,for christ sake,we’re the 5th richest football club in the world,why do we live in such penury?

  • ar5enal

    nice use of the english language here….how would you know he wasnt the right man for the job? Have you won many titles yourself? I do agree however the board needs to go – we need an overhaul of the backroom staff right from the top! Usmanov and Dein would be AMAZING for the club, no two ways about that! This article kind of makes sense, at the begining of the season the defence did look very good and the midfield were working hard defensively but they werent scoring many either, then we started to score goals but concede goals too – its all about getting a balance. I say bring in Bergkamp, bring in Henry, bring in Overmars, it would freshen things up for sure! We shall wait and see – it could be an interesting summer for Arsenal….

  • g clarke

    These people shot their lies off hiding behind a desk

  • twisted

    have you noticed how many goals we have shipped in these past 4/5 seasons ? we are on course for a similar tally. 2009-37,2010-41,2011-43,2012-49,2013- ? we are on course for 43+ but when you ship in so many you need to score the goals to win. away from home we may have only let in 13 goals but the major issue is we have only scored 18, 2 less than southampton. it is strange why we had such a strong start defensively though, the team needs to remember how to defend and how to be a bit more clinical.
    this will only come with a higher level of performance, which this current crop have trouble with. the problem lies the manager I’m afraid-no one else. the boards says there is money so why isn’t it being spent ? the are plenty of players out there to improve this squad, perhaps they don’t want to play for wenger ?

  • Another Wenger Knows Best drone. Bottom line is that Wenger is responsible for everything that is wrong with the club – he is the manager, that is why he gets paid £7.5 million a year – to be responsible. I am tired of listening to people sympathise with his plight. Wenger sold our best players and Wenger brought in crap to replace them. The character of Bould would never be in question if Wenger had built a successful team before Bould’s appointment..

  • Oguntuase Amos

    How can we ever trust British press that had demonstrated proven bias against Arsenal. Arsenal goals conceded is the 3rd least so how does this indicate a defensive problem. The press will always write stories forment troubles at Arsenal. It seems they are happy doing so. Bunch of idiots.

  • Oguntuase Amos

    Rubbish. Mere hearsay without facts. Very disgraceful of you. Methinks you should be wiser

  • Arselicked

    This is nothing but another one of those AW out thing. It is a big pile of BS.
    We just need a good DM and good penetration upfront and we will brush off everything in front of us.