Arsenal’s next captain? Ashley Williams? The Guardian thinks it could be on the cards

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Arsene Wenger has his eyes on Swansea’s captain and central defender Ashley Williams so says The Guardian.

There’s no mention of a source or a quote from Wenger but the paper says…

Wenger has identified the Wales captain as someone with the leadership qualities to control and organise Arsenal’s defence in a way more reminiscent of when the club built a large part of their success on having a dominant figure such as Tony Adams, Martin Keown or Steve Bould in the heart of their back four.

Interestingly the article also discusses Wenger’s lack of faith in his current trio of central defenders and suggests that the Arsenal manager was keen to bring a player in during the transfer window.

It also adds that neither Thomas Vermaelen or Per Mertesacker seem capable of taking charge of the Arsenal defence.

It concludes that Williams, who is contracted to 2015, would cost in the region of £8m and is also being tracked by Liverpool.

So, if this is true then why did Wenger not approach Swansea in the transfer window? Surely given Arsenal’s financial resources if he was that disappointed with his trio of centre backs he could have signed a player, maybe even Williams.

Arsenal clearly need as leader too though parachuting Williams in as not just as a new recruit, but also as a captain, sounds like it could be problematic.

So what do you think? It wouldn’t surprise me if Arsenal bid for the player in the summer, but he is just one on a long list of centre backs.

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By Ashley | March 5th, 2013

  • I personally think it is down to the system we play more than the defense.Just take a look during a game and see where the holding player is when we go forward he goes up as well leaving a massive whole between defense and midfield we have been killed through the middle time and time again . Why because of the players in the defensive system as well as the defensive system itself….. look how square our center backs are not staggered like it is suppose to be . Why staggered it is simple if one man passes through the other can come across and defend. We play zonal marking which to me with the players we have and the systems they have played in the past is crazy. I personally think defense is actually what it say’s defend your space, your man, do not let him get the wrong side and make yourself big an obstacle he has to fight to try and get past, win your personal battle win the war… That is how i teach defending.. I like to stagger my center midfielders i hate flat square, whatever you want to call it. it kills teams with one ball. I prefer 4-4-2 as it is solid everyone knows their jobs and it is very affective in England football. It doesnt have to be play to the rule of 4-4-2 it has some movement in the formation. but what i like it makes you solid two banks of four all know what they are doing where they are suppose to be. The thing i like about it is that you can play 4-4-1-1 or easily switch to 4-3-1-2 or even 4-3-2-1 very easily during a game depending on the situation and without messing with the team you have out there by bringing on new players thay can all switch easily… and switch back easily.

    It’s just an idea !! in one game a few years ago now well 9 yrs my team was down 5-2 to the county cup holders in a cup tie with 15 mins to go !! i went 3-3-1-3 and won 6-5 !! SYSTEMS HAVE TO BE PRACTICED or the player will not know what to do !! I call the 3-3-1-3 the arrow and it means you are all out attack and other teams do not know who they are picking up causes confusion then you exploit it ..But is it not a sign of a good manager when he has something up his sleeve !! we went that season to go unbeaten in the league and semi finals and county cup finals !! 2004 it was a good year !!