The 10 best psych pop albums of 2013 (and a couple from last year)

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It might only be March, but already it has been a vintage year for lovers of wonky sixties influenced pop aka psych.

Last year’s great hope, Jacco Gardner, has already treated us to a very fine album that delivers on the promise of his exceptional early singles. While Robyn Hitchcock, the spiritual godfather of British psych has turned out an album that rivals the best music he has ever made.

And then there’s an American band Foxygen, who might just be the best 60s influenced band that country has produced since The Strokes and The White Stripes.

Here then are 10, ok 8, great albums from this year plus a couple from the tail end of last year. Spotify new Psych playlist – which features many of the bands – below the pics.

If you want more then here are the top 15 Psych albums from last year

Robyn Hitchcock - Love From London

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Over the years Robyn Hitchcock has released an incredible run of albums. From the bonkers Barrett-esque psych of Black Snake Diamond Role through to the gentle acoustic musings of Eye. Surprisingly for a bloke who has just turned 60, his recent stuff has been excellent too especially the wonderful Ole Tarantula of a few years back. Love From London, which came out this week, is yet another gem. If you have never heard him imagine a voice like Lennon, songs that recall both Barrett and Dylan, jangly guitar episodes that summon up The Byrds and The Smiths, harmonies akin to the Wilson Brothers and surreal excursions influenced by the likes of Captain Beefheart and early Steeleye Span. He is a one man Spotify of all that’s great in intelligent pop. Love From London is full of glorious pop tunes from the Kraut rock beat driven howl of Fix You through to the jangly pop of Strawberries Dress. And in the finale, The End of Time, there's a song that Noel Gallagher would trade body parts to have written. It is delivered in a wonderful Lennon-esque drawl. Had the great man still been alive and at the top of his game maybe he would be making music like this.