The 10 best psych pop albums of 2013 (and a couple from last year)

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It might only be March, but already it has been a vintage year for lovers of wonky sixties influenced pop aka psych.

Last year’s great hope, Jacco Gardner, has already treated us to a very fine album that delivers on the promise of his exceptional early singles. While Robyn Hitchcock, the spiritual godfather of British psych has turned out an album that rivals the best music he has ever made.

And then there’s an American band Foxygen, who might just be the best 60s influenced band that country has produced since The Strokes and The White Stripes.

Here then are 10, ok 8, great albums from this year plus a couple from the tail end of last year. Spotify new Psych playlist – which features many of the bands – below the pics.

If you want more then here are the top 15 Psych albums from last year

Ian Skelly - Cut From A Star

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Skelly is the drummer of The Coral so has impeccable psych credentials. Here he does his best Skip Spence and has created an album that while deeply trippy, is still chocka with very hummable tunes. Byrds (and Coral) fans will love the Younger Than yesterday vibe of I See You while the title track recalls both Love and Brit 60s cult heroes like Kaleidoscope. There are also hints of Acid Folk bands like The Trees and on the more accessible songs like Time, Nick Drake and early Genesis. It is an album that washes over you a bit when you first play it but stick with it and its becomes quietly addictive..