Arsenal fans – what would be a good result tonight? Can we scrape a win?

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There were a few brief moments a couple of days back when I saw a glimmer of hope. I looked at that Bayern team sheet and thought, well no Ribery, Robben or Schweinsteiger. Several of the players that inflicted so much damage at The Emirates are missing. If only Giroud could oblige us with an early goal, then maybe just maybe.

Sadly that brief flame of optimism was extinguished as soon as it became clear that Jack Wilshere would be sitting by the pool in his Dubai hotel not bursting through the Bavarian defence.

The enormity of the task facing the Gunners tonight has been emphasised by two key points.

1 Bayern Munich have won all three of their home games in the competition this season and scored an impressive 12 goals. they have let in three. Arsenal would need to double that figure were they to progress.

2 Not even Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal have a prayer. He might have said ‘football is football and that anything is possible’ at his press conference. But choosing to bench so many of his star players Wojciech Szczesny, Per Mertesacker, Santi Cazorla and Theo Walcott suggest that he isn’t banking on it.

So Gunners fans what would be a ‘result’ for Arsenal tonight?

Are you in the ‘anything as long as we don’t hammered’ camp? Or do you think that Arsenal could at least score and maybe even get a draw in the Allianz Arena?

Or is a win a possibility?

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