Airships, Hovercraft, Amphibious Caravans, Batmobiles – the weirdest vehicles for sale

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There is a fantastic story that dates from the turn of the century. Back then aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont would parade his new fangled Airship by hovering at roof level along the boulevards of Paris.

Then when he’d utterly freaked the passing Parisians out he would tie the ship up and pop into his favourite restaurant for lunch.

Hopefully one day we will all be floating roof level above the streets of cities in our personal airships. Until then though here is a selection of various other modes of transport – most of which are for sale – which are utterly bizarre, but would be huge amounts of fun.

Hoverwing £150,000

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Firebox bills Hoverwing as the lovechild of every amazing vehicle, ever designed by mankind. And they are bang on too. This amazing err thing, can hover like a Hovercraft and works on both water and land. But the best bit is that the engine is so powerful that it can push the Hoverwing, which also sports a pair of wings, six feet above the ground or the water. And you don't even need a licence to fly it. It's capable of carrying up to 540kg and reaching speeds of nearly 126km/h, so it is fair to say you could cause some serious damage using it. Hoverwing