Sennheiser launches Momentum limited edition headphones inspired by David Bowie

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Rock star endorsed hardware has been a huge trend over the late few years, from Dr Dre’s Beats through to Motorhead’s goes louder than eleven audio range, every influential musician seems to be getting in on the act.

Now Sennheiser has landed one of the coolest collaborations of all. It is offering a limited edition (500 copies only) pair of Momentum headphones that commemorate its recent venture with David Bowie.

Sennheiser are one of the sponsors of the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition which opens on 23rd March at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. To commemorate this it is launching £329.99 Momentum headphones  inspired by the Dame, which it claims are a real ‘collectible for all Bowie and music fans.’

They don’t say a great deal about the Bowie branding. So let’s concentrate on the cans which come with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and an additional cable that has a smart remote and microphone so users can make and receive calls while the phones are connected to their phone.

They are a closed design and come with a luxurious and tough breathable leather headband for optimum sweat and water resistance

If you fancy a pair you need to go here to register your interest.