Sky Sports to offer pay-as-you-go live Premiership football online

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NOW TV iPad Sky SportsEver wanted to watch a live Premiership or Champions League game on Sky bit not got satellite or can’t make it to the pub. Well as from today, if you are a UK resident you will be able to watch Premiership football, Ashes cricket, F1 racing and more no matter where you are via your phone, tablet or PC as long as you have a an internet connection.

For though its SKY NOW offering you will be able to access 24 hours of live sports on the Sky channels for £9.99 a go.

The service will work on anything with a web connection including PCs, tablets, phones and games consoles like the Xbox 360.

It is kind of surprising that it has taken Sky so long to get round to doing this, but it will open up its live games to many more people across the UK.

So is £9.99 a fair price?

What do you think?