Amazing pics of the day The Beatles played to just 18 people

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Take a look at this pic. It is quartet of likely looking fellas from the early 60s enjoying a sneaky beer.

Look again though and it becomes clear that in the picture is a very young John Lennon and an even younger George Harrison – who at eighteen is only just old enough to be swigging from the bottle.

It is part of an amazing series of images on the site Retronaut that show The Beatles in December 1961 playing a gig in Aldershot to only 18 people.

According to Wikipedia

“Sam Leach, The Beatles’ then agent, and wanting to become their manager, attempted to introduce the group to London agents by promoting a gig at The Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, on 9th December 1961. The show was not advertised properly and, as a result, only 18 people attended.”

It will probably come as no surprise then that a few weeks later Leach was given the boot in favour of Brian Epstein.

Here’s another of the band on stage. If only the two women in the picture knew what exactly they were witnessing…