Rock and Roll Is Dead – ace new Twitter inspired novel from Steve Lawson

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If you are a serious bass player chances are that you’ll know the name of Steve Lawson. Over the years he has written countless articles about his beloved instrument, recorded a series of acclaimed albums, and via social media, delivered some very interesting perspectives on the future of the music industry. He has fascinating views on Spotify.

So we have high hopes for his debut novel which he has just released via Leanpub on a ‘pay what you can tarrif.’

Written in 2009 Rock and Roll Is Dead is the story of a band who realise they’ve missed everything their younger selves ever dreamed of by getting stuck in a cycle of pub gigs, wedding gigs and functions. Initially working on the assumption that ‘this is what we’ll do til we make it’, their dreams turn to a fairly grim reality and they finally decide to do something about it.

But this is more than just story of rock and roll ne’er do wells, Lawson suggests that it is something of a fictional ‘new music manifesto’ adding that

‘Almost all of the individual events in the book are based in truth, and the conversations that the band are having with people on twitter all actually happened.’

It is available now from here.