A2B announces 6 new Electric Bikes

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Unless you are a big aficionado of electric bikes, A2B is probably not a brand you’ve ever heard of. But they actually launched one of the first electric bikes, or e-bikes, nearly four years ago. Dubbed the A2B Metro it was quite well received at the time but at £2500 was quite pricey as well as fairly bulky, tipping the scales at a hefty 37Kg (about twice the weight of a conventional bike). Since then the company has gone through a number of changes, including new ownership (it is now owned by Indian scooter firm, Hero-Electric), a complete re-branding, and a shift towards manufacturing its top end bikes in Germany.

Still available, the A2B Metro has been renamed the Octave and there’s also a foldable electric bike, the Kuo, which at 19Kg is the lightest in the range. At London’s South Bank, A2B also announced six new models ranging in price from £1400 to a very pricey £2699. Included in the line up is the stylish retro looking Galvani (see Tech Digest review here) and the superfast 28mph Shima.

New models:

Shima (£2,450 – Spring 2013)
Galvani – Male and Female (£1,450 – Spring 2013)
Ferber (£1400 – Spring 2013)
Entz (from £2699 – Autumn 2013)
Ørsted (£1899 – Autumn 2013)
Obree (£2199 – Autumn 2013)

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