Should Man United fans be worried about RVP’s goal drought? 1 goal in 13 games…

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There is one certainty in football this season and that is that Robin Van Persie will score for Man United when they visit The Emirates on Sunday April 28th.

If his current form is any barometer too it will be the Dutchman’s second league goal in 15 games.

For after a blistering start to the season Van Persie has struggled at United. His overall play has been fine and in many ways he has been unlucky. But one goal in 13 games for the club tells its own story. Interestingly the man who (kind of) replaced him Olivier Giroud has scored seven goals in his last 13 games – and most Arsenal fans would argue that his first season for them has been at best mixed.

It is hard to work out if this mid-season dip is something that RVP suffered at Arsenal. This is largely because in all his years at the club the Gunners only really got two full seasons out of the player. Last year, for example, the longest he went without a goal was four games, in fact it was rarely more than two.

If RVP fails to score next match he will equal Torres’ longest run without a goal at Chelsea.

At the moment it arguably doesn’t matter a great deal. Van Persie’s goals from earlier in the season – and let’s not forget how prolific he was and how many games he won for the club – has propelled the team to the title.

But had it been a much closer race I wonder if Fergie, to say nothing of the United fans, been so forgiving?

There are also rumours of strikers heading to United from Falcao through to Lewandowski. But who are they going to replace – Rooney? Wellbeck?

I do wonder if RVP will be remembered by United fans as a player who excelled for half a season and then quietly slipped out of view.

So United fans – does RVP still have a big role to play at Old Trafford. Or are those injuries starting to catch up with him?