Remind me – why did Arsenal sell RVP to United? Wenger’s worst ever mistake?

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I am sure I am not the only Arsenal fan to have felt just a little bit nauseous watching RVP running round Old Trafford last night after not just winning the league but also scoring , well, a hugely impressive hat-trick. If he needed a  game to push him back into the the PFA Player Of the Year race he just delivered it. And after all those games where he couldn’t hit a barn door from six paces…

I personally am dreading Sunday now. Even if Arsenal thump United five nil to turn the screws on Spuds and Chelsea in the race for 3rd and 4th it will still not be ok. Before that the club has to undergo the humiliating experience of watching its once star striker parading round the pitch with his Premiership winners medal – something that he never got close to with us.

It just makes me think once again that what a catastrophic error Arsene Wenger made last summer and how he and the club have in no way atoned for it. We really were sold a pup by a manager and a board who ought to know better.

If we do finish fifth this season the management team can expect nothing but bile from fans who won’t blame the players but those stupid enough to make the huge mistake that has cost the colour so clearly.

So RVP wanted to go – fine. But to sell him to United was unforgivable, no matter how much they gave us. The move seriously damaged the club while strengthening its opponents. Had Wenger then spent thirty million on a striker that could set the league alight then it might have been more acceptable – but we ended up with Giroud, a good player but by no means the finished article. He is Bendtner with a tan and a sunny disposition.

If Arsenal lose on Sunday I think the atmosphere at The Emirates will be utterly poisonous. If Arsene Wenger and the board expect the fans to get behind the team they might want to ask themselves why they sold the fans out so badly in the first place.

Chickens… Roost… You get the picture.

By Ashley | April 23rd, 2013

  • adams

    Wenger knows what he’s doing..surely he do.According 2fergie,AW told him
    b4 RVP transfer was finalized; he is a better player than you think.AW
    knowz he was better & still sold him to our bitter enemy…A.Madrid
    won,t sell Falcao to Real Madrid no matter what.Napoli won,t sell cavani
    to Milian…AW has totally lost it.Come sunday arsenal
    players,fans,staffs and AW will give the player you called traitor a
    guard of honour in our owe soil jst within 1year he left.Now, who is the
    traitor? AW? ( who cn,t hold on to his best players & has a
    syndrome of selling them to our bitter enemy) or RVP? (who just knew
    there wasn,t a future in currently existing system in arsenal &
    left)….i was filled with tears as i watch RVP scored 3times…& i
    askd, whats wrong with AW? Did truly luv this club?

  • chevapravatdumrong {-_-}

    Cheer up. At least we got a £1.5 million bonus, courtesy of RVP helping them win the premiership

  • saminator

    serves you gooners right….you clearly know that you have the best means to make arsenal-wenger style up. decide not to attend match-day games and let’s see how he can cope. after all it’s all clear that he’s after the cash, isn’t it?

  • YY

    I sincerely hope United give us a good spanking and we finish trophyless even according to Wenger’s lowered standards. Then he would have anything to do, but go…

  • Amos

    There was nothing Arsenal could do to prevent RvP from going. His one remaining year of contract was an ‘unprotected’ period. The only decision to make was whether Arsenal negotiated a fee for his services themselves or risk a much lower fee imposed by Fifa’s disputes resolution committee.