Get over it! Why Arsenal should give Man United the guard of honour

Ashley Football 7 Comments

There are many things in life which are unfair, unpalatable and downright uncomfortable. and as a Gooner I am probably going to have to endure something that is all three on Sunday when my beloved Arsenal give Man United the Premiership Champions traditional guard of honour.

The club haven’t confirmed that the guard will take place beyond a hint that it will honour protocol, but already there has been a backlash on Twitter.

The Metro reports that many Arsenal fans may turn their back on the guard while Piers Morgan has tweeted.

‘A guard of honour, for the biggest traitor in Arsenal history. At our own ground. I think I’m going to be sick,’

Well, I do have some sympathy with those views in that the guard will be painful, especially because right at the centre of it will be the man who on Monday was cartwheeling round Old Trafford like a seven year old.

However, I won’t be turning my back. We just need to get it over with. The precarious situation that we are in is not down to Robin Van Persie, but the Muppets that oversaw his exit without properly replacing him.

For me the hardest part could be at the end of the game. If we don’t get at least a point, then we have not only been beaten by a team we once considered our deadliest rivals, but also lost ground in the battle for a Champions league slot.

So don’t turn your backs. It is just not classy. And besides anything that fires up the United side even more – on a day when in theory they could be taking it easy – simply isn’t clever.

By Ashley | April 24th, 2013

  • MSMU

    I don’t know what the fuss is about, do Arsenal fans have short memories, as Man United players I understand gave Arsenal a guard of honour, with none of the crowd doing anything but applaud. Chelsea players hard as it was for them gave United a guard of honour, and sure their fans weren’t too chuffed about it, but they and Chelsea fans were sporting about it. Anyway, it will just show the world how much Arsenal fans lack respect and class if they turn their backs, but Arsenal copying the Man City blue gooners will make United fans chuckle I am sure. However, I may be naive, but I have always considered that Arsenal fans do have class, and I hope that will be seen.

  • DanDaMan

    1000 times better to have a Guard of Honour, than to have United come and win the title on our ground and celebrating at the final whistle. We won the title at Old Trafford and that is still galling for them. We won at Anfield and White Hart Lane twice and we remind all those teams about it when we visit them. United or any other club, can’t sing that to us.

    Anyway, United have been celebrating all week and we’ll catch’em cold on Sunday for a nice 1-0 to the Arsenal!

  • mikeB

    And how ‘classy’ is it to refer to the management of the club you purport to support as Muppets. . .?

    Physician, heal thyself, comes to mind.

  • iwasthere

    Mike B – the problem isn’t so much the lack of suitable replacement (although that clearly is culpable negligence on part of board and management) but the way that our then club captain went unilaterally public with a statement that left club absolutely no choice but to sell him. It was crass and without class and in so many ways was turning his back on the club and manager that nurtured him, stood by him through years of injury and in the end got one year and £24m.
    I have no problem, even though reluctantly, giving a sporting ‘bravo’ to Man U and recognise the ability and achievement of old red nose – but that courtesy does not extend to one RvP. The best thing for the day is if he is left in Manchester, but old red nose will probably make him captain for the day 🙁

  • mikeB


    Couldn’t agree more, but I do feel the board has been a victim of its own success.

    As for RVP? AS Michael Patrick Clark said, on his site, One piece of PL silver down, only another 29 to go and he’ll have been paid in full..

    Good to hear from you.

  • You won the Title @ theatre of dreams and so what? Arsenal is the new story of Leeds United… Common boys think of how to be relevant next year. Arsene Wenger is a superb coach and Arsenal board has the best record in the round leather game. MAN UNITED didn’t hold CR7 back wen He opted to join REAL MADRID but was giving a standing ovation wen he came back to hurt his home and he eventually knock MAN UNITED out of the CL but Old Trafford didn’t crucify CR7… Get on with the game man…

  • Arsenal did have class but not when they started fading away. A loss of self respect, loss of self belief and compounding the woes they are headed the Liverpool / Leeds United direction so it’s become a thing of necessity to turn their backs on their club and Coach but dis act can’t be traced to clubs like totenham or MAN UNITED…. Guard of honor or not or even if the fans turn their back on NEW CHAMPIONS MAN UNITED it still doesn’t change who the champion is…. Arsenal should focus on our to change their fading status and qualify for the CL next year. Any funny behavior would see MAN UNITED give Arsenal a football lesson right there at the Emirate…. Use common sense now and don’t grieve later