Is Cesc Fabregas on his way back to Arsenal? The four reasons why he might be

Ashley Football 4 Comments

Well that’s what the Star is suggesting this morning. The theory runs like this.

1 Barcelona can’t seem to accommodate him in their team. This article looks in depth about how they have chosen to use him. The evidence is clear is that while he was brought in to replace Xavi he just hasn’t worked in that role. He has played best just behind the strikers or as a fake number nine – roles that Barca find tricky to offer him on a regular basis.

2 Barca need a big spend this summer – The shock defeat at Bayern has set alarm bells ringing. The club needs to spend and the cash received for Cesc could help fund that spree.

3 Arsenal are rumoured to have first option on the player – Is there a clause which gives the north London club first option on a Cesc return to the Premiership? Possibly. Wenger would clearly jump at the chance of re-signing his star player.

4 Fabregas’ girlfriend is London based – Daniella Semaan, which has just given birth to his first child, is London based and Cesc is rumoured to have tried to buy a flat in London for her.

So it does kind of add up. I think it would be hard for Fabregas to leave his home club with his tail between his legs. He has been reasonably successful at the club but not really replicated his astonishing form for Arsenal.

Might he be part of a £50 million package along with Villa and Song? Keep dreaming Arsenal fans…

By Ashley | April 28th, 2013

  • Davi

    Cazorla, Fabregas and Isco – what a team!

  • vishal

    no song return please!

  • The Cabbie

    Song anywhere but Arsenal

  • Kevin Ward

    5 reason why Fab WONT be joining.
    1) Has already said he wonts to finish his career there
    2) Wenger will never pay the sort of money Barca will want. They will simply price us out of such a move.
    3) We have more pressing issues as regards to player requirements…. we need brickies, not architects.
    4) When was last time we bought a ready made and accomplished talent from barca??
    5) This stinks of the press readying a witch hunt on wenger during the summer. (say world class players want to move. say too arsenal, then when it doesnt happen, jump on the wenger out headlines then watch as fans turn on one another.