The five reasons why Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger isn’t PSG-bound this summer

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First it was clear that he was staying, and now the Telegraph has suggested that he is on his way to France. So where will Arsene Wenger be managing next season? I think there is only one place – Arsenal.

The Frenchman isn’t about to jettison his North London project a year earlier for the following reasons.

1 At Arsenal he runs the show – If he wants a player he works with the board to get them. At PSG it could be different. There are the club’s cash backers who may insist on signings too. Did Anecelotti really want David Beckham in his squad? Wenger has huge power at Arsenal, that won’t be the case in Paris.

2 He won’t want the pressure – Sure next season at Arsenal could be tough, it will be especially difficult for the Frenchman if the signings and real campaign for silverware doesn’t materialise. But in Paris success will have to be instantaneous. If Wenger doesn’t at the very least stroll to the Ligue One title and mount a very serious challenge for the Champions League he could be out on his ear. Does a guy in his 60s need that kind of pressure?

3 It would mean breaking his contract with Arsenal – Arsene just isn’t that type of person. He will want to see what happens next season with the Gunners. He may after all be angling for an extension to his contract if things go well.

4 There will still be plenty of options in summer 2014 – If Wenger does still want to manage PSG there’s a good chance the job will be available – especially if the manager that the club choose doesn’t succeed.

5 If he goes now he will be leaving the club at a low point – Arsenal might still finish third, but there is no doubt that this has been Wenger’s most difficult season at the club. He will be desperate to go out on a high and one last crack at winning some silverware is very tempting for him.

By Ashley | April 30th, 2013

  • Kevin Ward

    I will give you many more reasons for this bullshit story.
    The press would love nothing more than to arsenal out of the top 4,(how many times have they said we would fail? That we would fail to reach the CL spots) all they think they have to do is rock the boat enough and the club will implode. How many times have they tried this??
    Its funny that because there are no massive player departures to talk they feel just in bringing wenger down. I mean, why not pick on someone who hasn’t won anything for almost a decade, and has but just 1 more year remaining on his contract?
    They neglect the fact that Wenger only signs extensions when his currant contract has run its course. They never mention the fact that even Fergie at his age is on 1 year rolling contract. Oh wait! Its not arsenal, so why would they??
    I think its about time we stop BELIEVING what the press say and start believing in the squad, and to hell with everything else. Its not perfect but nothing ever is.