10 reasons why The Beatles were better than The Stones

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1 Without The Beatles The Stones would still be playing in back street pubs in Kent

The Fabs even gifted The Stones their first hit single

2 The Beatles had an amazingly consistent run of brilliant albums



The Stones’ 60s albums were a bit hit and miss. There is a reason why they got a reputation as a singles band

3 Mick’s crimes against fashion


And it got worse

4 The Beatles were the innovators

The Beatles went psychedelic with Revolver. It too nearly two years for The Stones to catch up

5 The Stones in the 80s


Jarvis has a point. Some terrible albums

6 The Beatles invented the pop video

Again The Stones copied them, but not for a few years

7 The Beatles just had better songs

There’s a lot of fodder on The Stones’ albums

8 The Beatles released the best album of all time


And the second best one too

9 There are hundreds of amazing Beatles cover versions

Not so many good Stones ones

10 This

Not convinced? You’d probably prefer this.