Arsene Wenger on a Cesc Fabregas return to Arsenal

Ashley Football 2 Comments

Among the many things that Arsene Wenger has commented on this morning, he had a word or two to say about Arsenal’s one time star Cesc Fabregas. A man who is struggling at Barcelona and yesterday said when asked about his possible return to London

“I do not know what is being said and even what is written,” said Fàbregas. “I can only say that I alone know my own future.”

Wenger said today.

“No, it is not a short-term option [for Fàbregas to return]. The short-term option for us is to just to focus on tomorrow’s game [at Queens Park Rangers] and finish the season well. That’s the short term option.”

Which in my book sounds like he simply peignoir the question as he doesn’t want to comment.

I think there must be a pretty high chance of Fabregas returning to Arsenal in the summer, and that won’t be the only business they do either.