Arsenal fans guide to Chelsea songs for tonight – with updated lyrics

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In what is a massively weird situation Arsenal fans will be cheering on Chelsea tonight to ensure that Spurs remain in fifth place thereby leaving fourth place to Arsenal if they win their last two games.

So Gunners fans some of the songs that you know and love will have their lyrics changed for one night only.

So for example that old classic

Ten men went to laugh, went to laugh at Chelsea

Now becomes…

One man went to mow,
Went to mow a meadow,
(aside) Meadow!,
One man and his dog,
(aside) Spot!,
Went to mow a meadow,

Two men went to mow,
Went to mow a meadow,
(aside) Meadow!
Two men, one man and his dog,
(aside) Spot!
Went to mow a meadow,

Nope I don’t get it either

Also the classic traditionally sung at players who were tracked by Arsenal, coughs, Mata, Hazard and Cahill (as well as a certain left back), but took the Blues cash namely

Salary, salary, if he don’t come I’ll tickle his bum with a massive salary

Now becomes

Celery, celery, if she don’t come I’ll tickle her bum with a lump of celery.

As for that Kaiser Chiefs song sung when Lampard gets the ball – ‘I Predict a diet’

It now becomes

Super, super Frank
Super, super Frank
Super, super Frank
Super Frankie Lampard

If any Chelsea fans can help out with the origin of the songs, or maybe suggest some more that Arsenal fans could sing tonight, leave them in the comments.

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