Why Arsenal will announce a new signing today

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So the speculation can finally end. Arsenal are back in the Champions League next year – well provided they negotiate the qualifying round – and that £70 million burning a hole in Arsene’s pocket can be used to buy some of Europe’s elite players.

One thing is for sure. Arsenal will announce a new signing in the next 24 hours.

Here is the theory. Arsenal haven’t been able to open season ticket renewals for gold members (the vast majority of their fans) until today as they didn’t know how many games they would be playing next year. With the season over they need that money in their bank account as fast as possible – in fact Gooners will only have ten days in which to pay it!

Economic pressure means that there is a section of fans who are mulling over a renewal of their season ticket. They need a reason to sign up for another year and quick.

So I wonder if those deals with Higuain and Jovetic – well at least one and quite possibly the former – will get announced today.

So expect Arsene to be busy today..

By Ashley | May 20th, 2013

  • reeonthehee

    Seen it all before, the first thing we will hear from the club is that its been along season our players/manager need their holiday. Meanwhile City, Man Utd, Chelsea will buy. All the players we have been linked with will end up at free spending Spurs or Chelsea. Wenger will bang on about adding the right players that will add quality to the team. End up with a bargain basement french league2 player with potential who will go out on loan. He will then say he has never mentioned the 70M people have been banging on about… Last day of the transfer window after we have lost a couple of games he will panik buy and we will be stuck with a load of shit we cant get rid off for 4 years.

  • billybrimble

    That is spot on and has been the same old same old for eight seasons, the onl;y difference we have no quality players to sell for once

  • AFC


  • Si Goon

    I tend to agree with the posts here. Arsene has given great credit to this team. The problem is you can’t expect these players to continue through a season without good back up. That means spending on real quality players. This gives the boost to the squad and builds confidence. Without this this squad of players will I’m afraid not win anything next season too, but the pressure will be on them all the time. This is not fair on them or the team or the fans. Arsene, no mucking about with clever words, just speak plainly and buy players such as Higuain or Jovetic. If the players get this moral boost they too will play better. This means maybe winning things?

  • Disappointed

    So it looks like u were wrong. Just another headline of lies. Pity. Yes I pity your desperation for clicks. Retraction tomoro? Or another incorrect click inducing headline???

  • Soner Osman

    Spot on mate. Same bullshit different season. No one should renew their season tickets if that ends up being the case. For fk sakes.

  • Lucias MATHEW

    Arsenal need a new right wing back, central defender, defensive linkman and a striker just to perfect the team.