Here we go – Stevan Jovetic to Arsenal deal imminent says Metro

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Ok, so yesterday I predicted that Arsenal would announce a singing. Oops. I may be a day or so behind because it appears that the move of Stevan Jovetic from Fiorentina is imminent.

The Metro says that Jovetic’s agent is reportedly in London negotiating a £24.5million deal.

Jovetic’s agent, Fali Ramadani, is thrashing out terms with Arsenal in London after an offer was lodged, according to Italian media group Mediaset, and will report back to the 23-year-old with the Gunners’ proposal.

Fiorentina’s failure to make CL football – along with Arsenal’s qualification – as well as the club’s reluctance to sell Jovetic to their rivals Juventus seems to make this a done deal.

Jovetic is apparently keen to move to London, Wenger is clearly a fan, so now it all seem to down to the price.

Arsenal fans have ten days left before season ticket renewals finish and I would be astounded if there wasn’t one major signature before then, almost certainly this week. It happened last year with Podolski signed, sealed and delivered before the renewals deadline. Bet it happens again!

The big question for Arsenal fans though is that will Jovetic’s signature mean that the Gunners don’t go after other names that the club have been linked with like Higuain and maybe even Rooney.

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By Ashley | May 21st, 2013

  • Sceptical

    Thats the point….. Arsenal fans have ten days left before season ticket renewals finish. – then, as usual no major signings!

  • just sign all the good players, they cannot be surplus.

  • gjo malawi

    no major signings, no renewals

  • Soner Osman

    Fair comments as that is the norm but this year is different as it is wengers last & he would love to stay on at arsenal so Higuain as well please! & make profit by selling podolski to juventus & of course new keeper, 2 decent defenders & 2 midfielders would be great… shit…Then I woke up… what a lovely dream that was lol

  • Imran

    From the three I would prefer if Arsenal snapped up Higuain as he is the out and out striker Arsenal have been missing since the unfortunate Eduardo left.

  • franzix

    how can u say prinz poldi should sold when walcot, ramsey, bentner, denilson, chamack, park, squilaci, diaby even giroud are yet to be sold

  • franzix

    in my opinion i think higuain will hav more impact than jovetic because i am seeing that guy(jovetic) as another chamack and arsenal should get rid of the following players chamack, park, squilaci, diaby even giroud, walcot, ramsey, bentner, denilson, look mark my word until will get rid of these b4 aresnal can win title because the blocking the progress of other better and determined with mission player, look ramsey and coqulin, look at wallcot and chamberlain, look sagna and jenkinson

  • Jon

    Story is garbage – is all about ticket renewals. Same old Arsenal, trying to con fans.