New psych find – the excellent West Coast Gnome covers The Three O’ Clock

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In my opinion one of the best records of the 1980s was The Three O’Clock’s incendiary debut EP come LP Baroque Hoedown. And that LP climaxed with one of their finest tunes – a slow burning droney slice of psych called As Real As Real .

Well the band’s recent rebirth – which includes festival appearances in the US and a new collection of hits and rarities – has inspired someone with the unlikely moniker of West Coast Gnome to cover As Real As Real, and it almost gives the original a run for its money.

It might be recorded in the fella’s garage and there’s none of the original version’s inspired signature swirly keyboard runs, but it’s an intoxicating listen nevertheless. Mr Gnome even messes with the end a little incorporating what sounds like snatches of The Byrds’ Eight Miles High on the outro. It is excellent stuff.

It turns out that West Coast Gnome is rather talented too. His collection of songs which you can listen to on Soundcloud hover somewhere between the jangly 60s vibe of The Searchers or in the case of Paisley Daze – The Byrds and British C86 bands like The Razorcuts and very early bowl cut era Primal Scream.

There’s hint of Beatley/Bee Gees psych on Mr Bee and some wonderful melodic twists and turns on the stand out Saturday Sunshine.

All the tracks have been uploaded fairly recently, so let’s hope that Mr Gnome gets a chance to make his own Younger Than Yesterday (or Sonic Flower Groove) very soon.