Arsene, if Arsenal sign Ashley Williams, please don’t make him captain

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Aaah the curse of the Arsenal captain. Give a player that armband and you can be sure as anything that within a season or two they will be off into the sunset. It happened to Henry, Fabregas, RVP and if the goss is right Thomas Vermaelen very shortly too.

Quite Arsene Wenger never gave it to Squillaci is beyond me…

But what’s this – there’s a new Arsenal captain on the horizon. That man is Ashley Williams and if The Daily Mail is right he will soon be an Arsenal player and possibly even bossing the side next season.

So do Arsenal need Williams? Well yes, and errr no.

If Vermaelen does leave then Arsenal are clearly short of centre backs. Wenger seems to quite like Miguel, but isn’t yet ready to elevate him to the first team. Besides any team competing for all those trophies next season needs three quality centre backs.

Williams has had an excellent season or two, reads the game well, isn’t afraid of the hurly burly and generally would be an excellent buy.

However I do wonder of Wenger has found his perfect centre back combination already in the guise of the BFG and the French fella.They have gelled so well together recently and their understanding seems almost telepathic.

What would concern me, and I guess many other Arsenal fans, is Wenger naming Williams captain then feeling obliged to start him. Unless he is convinced that the Koscielny/Williams pairing is the future it would be a very silly move. Half of the reason why it took so long for Wenger to start Mertesacker and Koscielny was that he felt he couldn’t leave his captain out. As Vermaelen’s form dipped so did Arsenal.

So by all means welcome Ashley Williams to Arsenal. But in my book for now he is our third choice CB. Sure he will get lots of games next year, but please Arsene don’t make him captain…

if you really want to shore up that defence can we please have Capoue?