Lewandowski to Arsenal?! Now that would be a marquee signing

Ashley Football 1 Comment

The future of Borussia Dortmund’s genius Polish striker Robert Lewandowski is up in the air again after his club disclosed that he would not be following his team mate Mario Gotze to Euro Champions Bayer Munich.

Retuers is reporting that the Dortmund club won’t sell to Munich because they haven’t actually had an offer for the Bayern.

“Robert Lewandowski will definitely not transfer to Bayern Munich in 2013,” Watzke told Bild newspaper. “This is final. We have informed Robert and his advisors. The Bayern case is closed because there was no written offer.”

Lewandowski’s contract ends next year, so the club either need to get him to re-sign – which has apparently been unsuccessful – or move him on.

The news from Dortmund has of course put a Premiership clubs on red alert with several papers linking both Chelsea and Manchester United.

The Reds are possibly favourites as they have been allegedly been tracking the player for some time. But Leandowski would still be in the shadow of a certain RVP were he to sign. If he moves to Chelsea he will be their top striker. Interestingly if he signs for United then that could be the catalyst that shifts Wayne Rooney to another club, possibly Arsenal.

Ivan Gazidis is correct, Arsenal also have the cash to fund the move for a player like the Pole. Lewandowski has been mentioned in dispatches with Arsenal over the last year, and he is the type of striker that the club needs. It is clear that Arsenal are casting their net wide wide at the moment with potential transfers. Might Lewandowski the left field one that really excites the fans?