Higuain and Jovetic set to snub Arsenal. So why can’t they sign a striker?

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I think most Arsenal fans have by now given up on the possibility of the club securing Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic, but the Gonzalo Higuain saga has rumbled on and it seemed as if the club was in a good place to tempt the Real Madrid striker to come to the Premiership.

But if today’s Metro is to be believed it sounds like Arsenal have been mugged by the Old Lady – twice!

Arsenal are set to lose out on another striker to Juventus, with the Italian side closing on an instalment-based deal for Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain.

According to Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport, Madrid are to allow Juve to pay for the striker in three or four instalments following a meeting between the two clubs.

The paper also says that almost everything is in place apart from the transfer fee. In what might give Arsenal fans a sliver of hope Madrid want €30m, but Juve have so far only offered €22m.

So what next for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal then? I wonder if it might be back to Premiership and that double raid on Swansea to land both Ashley Williams and Michu?

And I wonder how Gunners fans will feel? Both players are high quality with a proven track record in the Premiership. But are they the marquee signings that were promised by Ivan Gazidis?

I do wonder if Arsenal’s laid back approach (or dithering in the transfer market if you are being cruel) has cost them. It seems crazy that Juve will now have three world class strikers on their books, yet Arsenal are struggling to sign one. Maybe it is a reflection of how far the club’s stock has fallen in recent years that they can’t land quality signings.

Or maybe is is all about cold, hard cash. Juve is offering the players better deals and even with that huge chunk of cash in the bank, Arsenal don’t seem to want to match what the Italians are offering.

By Ashley | June 12th, 2013

  • davidwesson

    its all about cold hard cash at this level .If Arsenal can’t match & beat Juve then they will lose the players simple as that.

  • Liam

    I just don’t see it. Why would Juve sign two expensive strikers? More importantly, why would they both sign for the same team? Surely at least one would be very tempted by Arsenal and hopefully its Higuain.

  • Syrup01

    Agreeing a fee is one thing, agreeing terms with the player is another. Higuain’s girlfriend works for the BBC in London, and they have a young child together. SO you would think he would want a move to London.

    Also Juve have also signed Llorente on a free transfer.

    Also the transfer window hasn’t opened yet.

    Hopefully Arsenal have already agreed terms with Higuain, and will hold Real Madrid to ransom the same way Barcelona did with us and Fabregas.

  • Daniel Mitchell

    I think one of the main issue’s is Wenger’s got it in to his head he can get Rooney and he’s risking losing out on more attainable talent. He did this once before when he was trying to get Alonso from Liverpool.

  • Mugooda Bruno

    Arsene Wenger should leave out his old conservative policies of being so
    rigid because at a certain point in time,we all need to change with
    change other than trying to account for every penny on the players he
    buys. Simple and easy just buy Ceaser,Higain , Fabregas,Ajax’s Christian
    Ericksen and Fellaini and the 70m is accounted for.

  • 5am

    its cos afc don’t offer top salaries which “top” players are looking for, so they’re easily gazumped, simple as…. In fact when afc come in, agents advise to sit tight, as better offers will come in from the big boys (unless of course its an unproven top flight player like sanago).