Pink Floyd on Spotify – the best of their singles, films and early stuff

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Of course we all know that See Emily Play is one of the best singles of the 60s and that Dark Side Of The Moon still outsells just about everyone apart from One Direction. And also that Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here are rock classics of the highest order.

But now that the entire Pink Floyd catalogue has landed on Spotify here’s a few of their lesser known gems to get familiar with.

1 Candy And a A Currant Bun – The B side of the band’s first single, which was originally titled Let’s Roll Another One, was for years pretty tricky to track down unless you splurged out on the original vinyl. A massive influence on bands like Paperhead and The Sufis this is Syd Barret at his chirpiest and has an amazing Rick Wright keyboard solo.

2 Apples and Oranges – Pink Floyd’s third single, their first to miss the charts and their last with Syd at the helm.  Apples and Oranges is a flawed masterpiece and in many ways just as good as Arnold Layne and See Emily Play. The odd time changes and nursery rhyme chorus provide more than just a few clues that someone’s mind was starting to fall apart.

3 Let There Be More Light – Long before Can, Neu and their Kraut Rock Motorik beats the Floyd kicked space rock off with this stirring opener to their second ‘transitional’ album Saucerful of Secrets.

4 Cymbaline – One of two standouts from the soundtrack of the film More, this is a dreamy psychedelic ballad with a strong vocal and some stunning guitar courtesy of the new boy Dave Gilmour.

5 The Nile Song – Also from More, this is The Floyd pretending to be Black Sabbath. Better than it sounds.

6 Grantchester Meadows – Roger Waters’ acid folk ballad is one of the highlights of the studio side of Ummagumma. It is a paen to the gorgeous rolling water’s side fields to the east of Cambridge.

7 Summer ’68 – Much of Atom Heart Mother is borderline unlistenable prog rock noodling – IMO, but this psych-ish ballad is almost as good as the amazing psych era it celebrates.

8 Brain Damage – The killer track from Dark Side that often seems to get overlooked in favour of the more obvious stuff like Time and Us and Them. Again this sounds like it could have come from a few years earlier.

9 Hey You – If you are not sure about The Wall, this along with the obvious Comfortably Numb, is the place to start.

10 When The Tigers Broke Free – There is a small bit noisy coterie of fans who believe that The Final Cut is among the Floyd’s best albums. I am not one of them but this dramatic song is always worth a listen.