Arsenal offer £35 million for Suarez? But is Higuain still the real target?

Ashley Football 8 Comments

Its is still speculation, but Goal are suggesting that rather than go back to their original number one transfer target Gonzalo Higuain, the Gunners are preparing a £35 million offer for Luis Suarez.

Arsenal offered £30 million last week, but we knocked by Liverpool. However £35 million might just be enough to convince the Reds that they should part with their talented but troublesome striker.

It might even by an attempt to push the deal through before Arsenal leave on their pre-season tour of Asia tomorrow.

Like a lot of Arsenal fans I am agonising over this one. Sure Suarez is a superb striker with a proven Premiership record, but are we ready to handle all the baggage that comes with the player?

Also arsenal’s main rivals for Suarez would appear to be Real Madrid. Maybe this an attempt to force Real to play their hand and ultimately keep the pressure on the club so they release Higuain to fund a Suarez deal.

Suarez has already hinted that he might be open to a move to London.

So Arsenal fans – what do you think?

By Ashley | July 10th, 2013

  • matthew

    god knows. he would be a real statement of intent but do we really want the baggage that comes with him also as stated is this mind games from ARSENAL for HIGUAN things are certainly hotting up in the transfer rumour department.

  • JJ

    Don’t want Suarez!!!! Absolutely horrible, cheating, diving, scumbag and most of all racist person. Absolute trash individual. Ajax sold him because of this and now Liverpool are learning from their BIG mistake in signing him. If Arsenal really do want to sign him, they have really lost the plot, what complete idiots. Arsenal football club are a mess and Suarez will only F**K things up even more. Absolute scumbag trash racist sh*t!

  • Bob

    would take him. Outside of footy? who cares. Cut out the diving and handballing, he will be an amazing player for arsenal. He will get a lot of service which he doesnt really get at liverpool

  • Warren Carr

    Maybe Wenger will change Suarez’s attitude? All I know is that he is fantastic player.

  • Jeff

    I think Arsenal must make a statement to Real Madrid it has been ever very difficulty to buy players from Real Madrid even a player they dont need to use they just play a hard ball and make it horribly difficult for Arsenal to get the player trying to find other buyers even if it means for less than what Arsenal wanted to pay. Higuain is or was the right guy but his handlers are obviously not the right ones for Arsenal. Its better to worry about Suarez’s baggage than end up with substandard striker after Real does its thing at the eleventh the hour. By saying no one has approached them for Higuain its their way to despise Arsenal. So Arsenal better look elsewhere

  • patrick

    best of luck…lol from a liverpool fan.

  • patrick

    he doesnt get service at liverpool? come for him please we need 50 mill pleeeeaaase

  • Warren Carr

    Haha, maybe keep him instead. Higuain… check