£40 milllion for Suarez – are Arsenal getting desperate?

Ashley Football 3 Comments

A couple of papers this morning are reporting that Arsene Wenger has been given the green light to make a £40million bid for Luis Suarez.

The size of the bid will allegedly trigger a clause in Suarez’s contract which could then make it up to him whether or not he moves south to London.

This is either the most audacious bid that the club have ever made and a sign that they are going to compete with their London and Manchester rivals for the title. Or just plain madness.

Some have argued that with Arsenal missing out on previous targets – invariably by not offering enough apparently – that Wenger and his team has gone mad in a bid to make sure this one lands.

So is this the football equivalent of shopping at 5pm on Christmas Eve tanked up after the office Xmas do? Or is it the culmination of a strategy that has seen the club identify who they want and make a concerted attempt to land him.

And Arsenal fans do you want the controversial player at your club? A man who will miss the start of the season anyhow as he is suspended for biting another player, remember.

These are interesting times for Arsenal fans.

By Ashley | July 19th, 2013

  • senorswanky

    Desperation, plain and simple. With Wenger’s brain and with the monies available I would have thought he would have made a.deal by now. Now, on the last day he’ll buy 14 players, 9 will be awful, two will cost too much and one may play in the Carling Cup. No wonder Tottenham are always within striking distance. Shame on you Wenger, let one of the ball boys make some decisions, at least some decisions would be made. There is very little to no reward without risk, overpaying for an insane, cannibal with no earlobes that can eat corn on the cob out of a Coke can is adenine. But what was i expecting?

  • Boglin

    As opposed to get Higuain who Real Madrid are expecting about 3 mill less for.

  • Zed44

    Desperate, to take advantage of the situation. Just because he expresses desire to leave, does not mean he is available for a cheap price. Despite his antics, he is one of the best players on the pitch. 40m is laughable considering the Cavanis and the Falcaos moving for 50 odd million. Before you try to state questionable sources about a nonexistent release clause, Rodgers himself state that 40m bid is rejected, he even stated 55m won’t get you Suarez.