The ten best Psych albums of 2013 – so far… Sufis, Hidden Masters, Foxygen

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If you like a Beatley melody, some twangy guitar, a smidgen of sitar and the odd bonkers middle eight 2013 has been a vintage year so far. The rush of new psych bands that emerged in 2012 has blossomed into a worldwide movement. And it isn’t all about 60 re-treads. Some of the new bands are clearly inspired by this mob and at the same time borrow as much from 80s bands like these and these as they are from the 60s originals.

Here then are my ten favourite psych albums of the year so far. The superb Bed Rugs and Morgan Delt don’t make the cut as their offerings are more EPs than albums. I also have thing for the new albums from Suede, Bill Ryder Jones, Still Corners and Jagwar Ma, but none are really psych enough to make the cut. And as for the new Darren Hayman album – well that is something else…

There’s loads to come too with The Soundcarriers, Len Price 3, Morgan Delt, Balduin and others all promising new albums by the end of the year. You lucky people!

9 Beaulieu Porch - We Are Beautiful

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The BP's debut album from last year was an absolute stunner - an astonishing mix of power pop and Strawberry Fields Beatley psych. Album two, We Are Beautiful is a more mellow affair with mellotron washed tracks like Amen paying homage to The Moody Blues and early Bee Gees. The album's first single Anno Domini is a monster. A subtle lilting melody which gets overrun by an incendiary Tomorrow Never Knows slam of of psych guitar. Also cock an ear to The View From Gainsborough, which has echoes of everyone's favourite reformed Paisley Undergrounders - The Three o'Clock and is all the better for it.