Arsenal update: Suarez on plane back? Bernard says he has had English offers

Ashley Football 4 Comments

Quick lunchtime update. Luis Suarez is currently on Liverpool’s tour of Australia and not chatting to Arsene Wenger about a move to The Emirates. However it appears he might be doing that very soon.

There’s speculation that he could well be jetting back to the UK. Here’s what SDN has to say.

Liverpool play the Thailand national team on Sunday 28 July on the next leg of their pre-season tour and are due to land in Bangkok late this afternoon.

However, speculation is mounting that Suarez has in fact remained in Australia and will be flying back out to the United Kingdom in order to conduct talks with Arsenal over a potential transfer.

It would makes sense wouldn’t it. Btw Le Grove has an interesting article on why he thinks that the Suarez deal is going to happen. Personally I think that we would be fools to discount as late bid from Real Madrid scuppering Arsene’s plans.

However the fact that the player has left the tour would seem to indicate that a deal is imminent.

Interestingly another Arsenal target Bernard has let it be known that he has had some offers from English clubs. The winger said

‘There are offers from English football, Shakhtar and Porto. I’ll keep working until the board decides something about the transfer.’

‘I don’t know what can happen with me, but if I leave, I know I will have done my job.’

With Gervinho seemingly out of the door, Bernard would be not just am smart move but a considerable upgrade for the Gunners.